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The 6S could have the A9 chip, 2GB RAM, and 3D pressure sensor – author

Despite their previous quarrels, Apple and Samsung will reportedly interact on the A9 processor, that could arrive around the iPhone 6S. Samsung reportedly started production for the A9 processor in mid-December, depending on reports from Korea’s ET News. The chip is going to be manufactured using 14nm FinFET technology, that should use 35 percent less energy and gives 20 percent more power. The A9 chip will also be 15 percent small compared to 20nm processors, because of the 14nm technology, which means more space for battery packs along with other components.

Additionally, the Taiwanese media hints that Apple may finally increase the RAM about the iPhone 6S. The next-generation iPhone may pack around 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which doubles the devices’ bandwidth, but consumes hardly any power. Of course, we’ve heard this all before and zilch came from it.

A report from G4Games hints which the iPhone 6S could have a 3D pressure sensor inbuilt to enable a brand new Force Touch action. For those of you who didn’t analyze every word from the Apple Watch presentation, Force Touch could be the new Apple Watch feature that distinguishes between short taps and long, harder touches. However, it’s unclear why this feature will prove useful within the iPhone.
Will there be an iPhone 6S Mini?

A few different reports hinted Apple may to liberate smaller, 4-inch iPhone with the rebooted iPhone 6S and 6S Plus pick up. While most agree that this sort of move seems unlikely, reports always spread, lending excess fat to the idea. First, analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company voiced the rumor. Although he hasn’t been right in reference to his Apple predictions, Arcuri occasionally hits the nail around the head.

In a communication to investors leaked to AppleInsider, Arcuri suggested Apple may launch an “iPhone 6S Mini” having a 4-inch screen. The device would supposedly sport similar specs towards the iPhone 5S, but will include a few low-cost components. This may increase the risk for device more economical, rendering it sound like a revamped iPhone 5C. Arcuri claims smaller iPhone should have the same, curved edge design because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Shortly after Arcuri’s note surfaced, MyDrivers picked up an email from U.S. investment firm Zacks Equity Research, which states that Apple hopes to market 10 million 4-inch iPhone 6S handsets in 2015. According towards the firm, Apple feels “forced” to abide by customers’ desires and continue selling 4-inch iPhones. The smallest iPhone 6S is usually expected to be less expensive than the two larger phones, so that it is more appealing to prospects who want a mid-range phone.

However, supply chain sources told the Chinese media that they can haven’t heard any news of any 4-inch form factor.
Dual-lens DSLR-quality camera with optical zoom

Early on, Apple commentator John Gruber said your next iPhone will have a special “two-lens system the place that the back camera uses two lenses and somehow takes it down into DSLR quality imagery.” Since then, G4Games published an identical report, claiming the iPhone 6S will sport a dual lens camera and optical zoom. The aperture can also be altered to permit in much more light.

HTC already experimented using a similar camera setup for the One M8. The Ultrapixel camera lens lets in light than your average lens to increase the image quality, an additional sensor exists for additional information like depth of field. The two images are then sewn together and edited to accentuate specific elements.

It’s unclear if Apple’s new technology is acceptable in exactly the same way or employ different strategies to increase the quality of images taken while using iPhone 6S. So far, no smartphone camera is able to replace the DSLR, but Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is often regarded as one on the best smartphone cameras available. The company also offers several patents for camera-related technology.

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The biggest advantage to dividing the lens by 50 percent would be dropping pounds the camera module to adjust to flush contrary to the back in the incredibly thin phone. Currently, you module for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is unique, a difficulty that many users have noted with annoyance. At this point, there’s no saying regardless of if the two-camera solution explained Gruber will debut about the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7, or in any way.

Spring release date is just not likely

Some with the earliest iPhone 6S rumors speculated the updated handset could debut since spring 2015. However, based on China’s Economic Daily News, supply chain sources disagree. Apple typically incrementally updates its latest Apple iPhones with new processors and occasionally, a couple of new features, twelve months on from release. Apple scarcely gave Samsung a tight schedule ahead to get started on work within the A9 processor, in line with a report from Korea’s ET News, and it’s scarcely caught up with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus production. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely which the iPhone 6S will arrive so right after the iPhone 6

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